Security Systems

Once you've secured your facility or location, you need to continue to ensure would-be criminals or system abusers are caught and documented.  As analog coax CCTV based systems age, the option of "HD" video solutions for those older systems becomes expensive and difficult.  But even with an aging system, you can breathe new life into your less-than-helpful video surveillance camera security systems by selecting the right equipment.

Seen how existing systems have fallen behind and want to be ahead of the curve?  Great!  We can help.  With the latest high-end IP based PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera systems with audio, with off-site storage and back-up options, your system can be even more secure and affordable with real time remote control and monitoring from a cloud and web based video system.  No more stealing the tapes on the way out the door for criminals!  You can even get real time mobile notifications of movement or activity in your facility, and watch it real-time.

Complete CCTV & Security Systems


Offering complete perimeter and site video monitoring and digital audio and video monitoring and recording systems.  Offering solutions for:

Commercial and Industrial

License Plate Recognition and Inventory

Security and DVR

Infrared (IR) and Thermal Solutions

Automation and Credential Verification

Monitoring Software


Systems ranging from single screen DVR systems, to complete master control, multi screen monitoring centers

Mobile & Cloud


PC, Android, and IOS ready systems, real-time monitoring and control, Pan-Tilt-Zoom controls right from your devices, with real-time cloud storage

Thermal & IR


Just because the lights go down, doesn't mean your security should.  Offering only the best thermal and IR solutions for the most secure locations