Access Control Systems

Have an area that you want to limit access to?  A section of your building that only certain employees can access?  High value or highly secure section of your building?  Need to monitor movement of your employees and material within your facility?  Perhaps you need to contact Anchor Parking & Perimeter Security about a new access control system.

Part of Anchor's mission is providing complete access control within our parking and movement control systems.  It only makes sense that you control that access using the most cutting edge and effective access control systems.  Using RFID, Proximity Readers, Keypads, web and cloud based control systems, or traditional security center based servers, you get to select which doors and equipment are accessed when and by who you choose.  

Entry systems do not have to be a hindrance any longer!  If you need Access Control in Mobile or Birmingham, reach out today!

Complete Access Control


Offering solutions for:


Door and Gate Access

Storage Facility Access

Parking Access

Hotel, Residential, & Business

Multi-Factor for Government Facilities

Cloud Based and Remote Management

Entry and Exit Points

Readers, keypads, proximity readers, magnetic lock, mag lock, weigand, web based, cloud based

Key Pads, Proximity Readers, RFID, Bluetooth, Android and IOS, Magnetic Locks, Key Cards, FOBs, ect. 


voip, intercom, analog, digital, video intercom, video calling, help button

Analog and Digital IP Options, Video Intercom, Voice-Only, Remote Site, Internet and VOIP Enabled, PC, Android, and IOS 

Mobile Devices


Solutions for Android and IOS as Primary Access Credentials, Bill Payment, Over-locking and Remote Site Monitor and Control