Overhead Automated Door Systems

Need to secure a building entry beyond a slide gate or barrier gate?  Want to eliminate manual operation of your shipping bay overhead doors to prevent injury?  Increase efficiency of your facility partitioning?  Need to install Overhead Doors in Mobile?  Let Anchor Parking & Perimeter Security lock it down for you!

Sure, you could call the same person that would install your residential grade garage door opener...  Or you could call a professional to install automated door systems that are designed around solving your problem, as opposed to just buying a product and hoping it accomplishes your goal.

Automated Overhead Doors


Offering efficient, fast, and secure automation solutions for:

Parking Garages & Building Access

Commercial and Municipal Buildings

Business & Accent Spaces

Automotive, RV, and Boating Shops

Commercial Doors


Automated and controlled systems, businesses, firehouses, automotive shops, boating facilities, aircraft hangers, dock slips, and more!

Accessory & Warehouse


Restaurants, loading docks, open area access, public space access



Ground level off-street parking, added security on garages, combination with barrier gates for high security, overnight lock-down