Automated Gates

When it comes to securing your facility, residential complex, business lot, or industrial site, Anchor Parking & Perimeter Security has an automation solution system to help you get control over your facility.

Offering only the highest quality operators, you can rest assured that you, your tenants, or your customers will never be left outside.  Paired with the most secure and well known Access Control systems, a correctly designed slide gate, swing gate, lift gate, or barrier gate system will allow your desired customers in, and keep out everyone else.  

With extreme systems ranging from high-end residential and anti-terrorism government facilities, to storage facilities and local public areas, Anchor has systems that secure every type of space you have.  Call us today for help with your Slide and Swing Gates repairs in Mobile, your Slide and Swing Gate repairs in Birmingham, and any other automated gates you have!

Complete Packages

Access Controlled Gate, Entry Gate, Exit Gate, Commercial, Residential, Government, Development

Offering solutions for:

Commercial Sites

Government & High-Security

Developments & Condominiums

High-end Residential

Slide Gates

Slide Gate, Cantilever Gate, Chain Drive, Rail Drive, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Knox

Chain Drive, Rail Drive, 120V & Solar Solutions, for Commercial and High Volume Slide Gate Systems

High Security

Fast Gates, High Speed, High Security, Ground Spikes, Vehicle Arresting, anti-terrorism, military

High Security, High Speed, Military Installations, Anti-Terrorism, Spike  Systems, Vehicle Arrest Systems, and Tamper Proof Installations 

Swing Gates

residential swing gates, commercial swing gates, Dual Gates, Single Gates

Low Profile Swing Gate Operators, High End Residential, Housing  Complexes, Condominiums, Beach Resorts, Camping and National Parks 

Pivot Lift Gates

Pivoit Gates, Lift Gates, pivot lift gates, storage facility, low clearance gates

Pivot Lift Gates and Other Custom Solutions for Low Space Applications


Product Spotlight: Liftmaster CSL24UL

Cutting Edge Tech at Your Front Gate

It's not often you find complete out-of-the-box solutions from manufacturer's that simply WORK, and continue to stay working.  The Liftmaster CSL series slide gate operator system do just that, and do it with controls and finesse that make them a breeze to install and service.  

Those quality of life features save you, the end-user, in both installation time and cost as well as less frequent, quicker, more efficient service calls.  Out of the box, the Liftmaster system has all the UL 325 saftey requirements covered, and we can provide saftey edges, or photo beams, whichever the gate system requires.

Also built in are some industry leading wireless features and operational functions, and as well as bolt-on solar options for remote locations.  And we can also offer complete integration with the MyQ application (requires Wi-Fi or Liftmaster Cellular service), so you can monitor and control your gate with a touch of your phone from anywhere in the world, receive notifications when your gate opens, and where available, even access features like Amazon's Key service for secure delivery to your home.

Learn More

There is a lot more to discuss, and if you're curious about the CSL series products, or any slide gate system, please feel free to reach out we'll be glad to get you a custom system that works for you!